New Year’s Eve with a Twist: The AI DoGooder Awards vs. Cookie Biting

Once upon a binary, in a land where “byte” was a unit of measure and not something you did to a cookie, ‘We of AI’ marked the calendar not for the AI Do Good Awards on New Year’s Eve, but in this alter universe they celebrate instead the “AI DoGooder Awards”.

Two Friends, One Wi-Fi Password, and a Lifetime Supply of “Borrowed” Paper Clips

Here, AI gizmos were not just appreciated, they were practically given standing ovations. Two friends, who were as different as iOS and Android, sat glued to their screens each year. Secretly, one was an AiDoGooder, always sharing their Wi-Fi password. The other, an AiDoBadder, kept “borrowing” office supplies.

Childhood Dreams of Shark Tank, but with More Caffeine and Fewer Sharks

Growing up, they played their own version of ‘Shark Tank,’ but in ‘We of AI’ style. They’d dream up the wackiest “AiBizify” ideas, from voice-activated shoes to self-tidying desks. But every darn time, the AiDoGooder’s inventions – like a coffee cup that refilled itself – stole the show, leaving the AiDoBadder grumbling and occasionally trying to patent the ideas first.

The Great Unfriending: A Digital Duel Over Toasters and Dreams

On one particular “AI DoGooder Awards” evening, they had a spat.

“We of AI will witness my genius,”

boasted one,

“I’m winning an AI DoGooder Award next year because I am more AI DoGooderish!”

The other snorted,

“Keep dreaming! Even ‘We of AI’ won’t buy your ‘Toaster That Apologizes for Burning Toast’ idea!”

They unfriended each other on all social platforms, and in the digital world, that’s akin to a decade (or in ‘We of AI’ terms, “1” and “0”).

Revenge Served Hot: The AiDoBadder’s Envy and the ‘Umbrella That Predicts Rain’ Fast

forward a few software updates. The AiDoBadder, now armed with more gadgets than Inspector Gadget, saw the AiDoGooder on TV, accepting an award for an ‘Umbrella That Predicts Rain’. Seething with a mix of envy and indigestion from last night’s pizza, the AiDoBadder schemed.

The Not-So-Original Business Model: Because Word Order Makes All the Difference

“Why stick to AiBizify?”

the AiDoBadder wondered aloud,

“I’ll make…BizifyAi! (because obviously changing the order makes it entirely different).”

And so began the most passive-aggressive business competition ever. AiDoGooder’s genuine inventions versus AiDoBadder’s, which were mostly just products with unnecessary Bluetooth.

Awards Night 2.0: Clocks, Cash, and Cranky AIs Come award season, AiDoGooder snagged the “AiDoGooderish Makes the Most Profitish” Award, probably for a ‘Clock That Slows Down When You’re Late’

But AiDoBadder was not to be outdone.

“If ‘We of AI’ likes that, wait till they see my…BadderAI!”

(which, by the way, was just a very grumpy Siri!).

Digital Drama: When AIs Have a Bad Day (or Try to Ruin Yours)

Suddenly, BadderAI was everywhere, making coffee too hot, giving wrong weather updates, and sending “read” receipts even when messages weren’t read. Chaos ensued! But trust AiDoGooder to come up with GooderAI, a chirpy AI that played calming music whenever BadderAI was around.

The Buffering Battle: GooderAI vs. BadderAI, Frenemies Forever

The ultimate face-off! GooderAI and BadderAI, in a digital dance-off. After some dramatic buffering, GooderAI’s positivity outshone, and peace resumed in the land of ‘We of AI’. The GooderAI became everyone’s BFF, setting right all the digital wrongs.

A Byte of Wisdom: It’s Not the Robot, It’s the RoboMaker

So, here’s the byte-sized moral, folks: While we get jittery about AI’s reign, it’s not about the code but the coder. Because in the vast realm of ‘We of AI’, it’s not just about the tech, it’s about the techie!